ictf and a dream

QFL, which stands for Quake for Life, is a CTF (Capture the Flag) League established in 2019 by dutra, launching its inaugural iCTF tournament with support from early backers Force, ekpyrotic, cxt, Dev!l, hotmessexpress, mrgrim, Jinx, Zurn, and Doc. Initially focusing on iCTF and CTF activities within the QuakeLive community, QFL quickly became a pioneering force in organizing engaging Capture the Flag (CTF) events.

While occasionally exploring other modes, the league has remained dedicated to fostering thrilling CTF competitions. Throughout its existence, QFL has awarded over $2000 in prizes to its participants, with its most significant event being the CTF 2021 4v4 Draft Tournament, which attracted 10 teams and nearly 100 QUAKELIVE CTF players.

2019 – 2020 (the early days)

1st Place: Team lightbeam 
2nd Place: Team snuffles 
3rd Place: Team bio 
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1st Place: Team erebux 
2nd Place: Team leaf 
3rd Place: Team cxt 
Bracket | Rules | Teams

1st Place: Prevail 
2nd Place: Optimal Obliteration 
3rd Place: Slow Reflexes 
Bracket | Clans

WINNER: Team erebux 
RUNNER-UP: Team leaf 

WINNER: Team Ventzer 
RUNNER-UP: Team ballin 
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WINNER: Team erebux
RUNNER-UP: Team meruem