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In the annals of 2019, a fellowship of devoted iCTF (Instagib Capture the Flag) elite set forth on an extraordinary quest. Forging alliances within the realms of Discord, they exchanged arcane wisdom, plotting the resurrection of QUAKELIVE’s iCTF & CTF vitality. Thus began the epoch of legend, the birth of a force known henceforth as… Quake for Life.



Founder, Director, League Administrator

Meet Dutra, the visionary founder, director, and league administrator behind Quake for Life (QFL). In 2019, driven by a fervent passion for ICTF (Instagib Capture the Flag), Dutra led a unique venture revitalizing the QuakeLive community. Since QFL’s inception, Dutra’s unwavering dedication and innovative vision have steered the league, fostering inclusivity and excellence. As both director and league administrator, Dutra ensures QFL embodies camaraderie, fair play, and the thrill of competitive gaming. Dutra’s leadership has not only shaped QFL’s evolution but has also made a lasting impact on the broader QUAKELIVE community, guiding the league and the QUAKELIVE community toward new horizons within gaming culture.


League Administrator

Enter T4, a cornerstone of the QFL community. Since 2021, T4 has been an invaluable asset as an admin, leveraging a wealth of experience garnered from years as a QuakeLive CTF player. With a deep-rooted history in the game, T4’s journey seamlessly transitioned into a role as a League Administrator, bringing a blend of seasoned expertise and a profound understanding of the intricacies of competitive QuakeLive. As a passionate advocate for fair play and community engagement, T4’s contributions have played a pivotal role in shaping QFL into the thriving, inclusive platform it is today.


League Administrator

Enter Magdoll, a multifaceted cornerstone within the QFL community. Since 2023, Magdoll has served as an admin, infusing the league with expertise honed through years of QuakeLive CTF immersion, dating back to even before QFL’s inception in 2019. Magdoll’s extensive experience extends beyond conventional CTF, embracing the nuanced world of iCTF (Instagib Capture the Flag), a testament to their versatile gaming prowess. As a League Administrator, Magdoll’s commitment to fostering inclusive spaces is evident not only in QFL but also in his founding of the magdoll CTF pub community, dedicated to nurturing inexperienced or casual players. Additionally, Magdoll’s past as an admin within the Pill FT community and co-hosting Trashlan 2023 in Chicago alongside QFL staff member hotmessexpress signifies a rich history of community-building and event organization within the QuakeLive sphere. Magdoll’s multifaceted contributions continue to enrich and expand the horizons of the QFL community.


League Administrator

Meet Alac, a vital presence within the QFL community and a longtime QuakeLive CTF enthusiast. Joining the QUAKELIVE CTF community in 2022, Alac quickly became an integral part of the QUAKELIVE CTF community, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to the competitive arena. With a notable tenure in Quake3 CTF, Alac’s journey as a player seamlessly transitioned into a role as a League Administrator in 2023, coinciding with the departure of Cxt, a fellow clanmate and close friend. Alac’s contributions extend beyond administration, showcasing a knack for event organization and community-building. Notably, as the founder of Winter Haste 2022 CTF, a highly successful clan tournament, and Spring Regen 2023 CTF, a unique draft tournament, Alac has demonstrated a keen ability to curate engaging and memorable competitive experiences within the QuakeLive sphere. Alac’s multifaceted involvement continues to leave a lasting impact, enriching the QFL community with innovative events and unwavering dedication.


League Administrator

Meet Prong, a seasoned veteran in the realm of competitive gaming. With a storied history as a Quake 3 ICTF player, Prong’s legacy includes being a pivotal part of top-tier ICTF teams like nmX. Since 2020, Prong has been an integral member of QFL, demonstrating prowess not only in QuakeLive CTF but also as a League Administrator, contributing significantly since assuming the admin role in 2023. Prong’s invaluable experience and dedication shine through in their consistent support, lending a hand in nearly all league events. Their extensive background in competitive gaming brings a wealth of knowledge and a steadfast commitment to fostering a thriving community within QFL.


League Administrator

Enter Toybott, a force to be reckoned with in the competitive gaming sphere. Rooted in the world of Quake 3 CTF, Toybott’s journey has evolved, now standing as a proud member of the esteemed TE clan (Tier Elite). Since joining QFL from the Q3Retro community, Toybott’s impact has been significant, assuming a staff role in the beginning of 2023 and wielding a strong presence as a League Administrator. Known for a straightforward and opinionated stance, Toybott is unapologetically true to themselves, not hesitating to speak their mind and standing firm in their convictions. Despite this, their commitment to QFL’s success is unwavering, consistently contributing to league events and offering valuable support, showcasing a dedication that goes beyond mere opinions to foster a thriving community within the league.

league staff

At QFL, our legacy intertwines with the incredible league staff, shaping our events into the vibrant heart of the QUAKELIVE community. They’re the pillars that breathe life into our gatherings. A QFL event without them? Unimaginable!

  • Force – Referee, QFL OG
  • mrgrim – Shoutcaster, QFL OG
  • Dev!l – Referee, QFL OG
  • hotmessexpress – Server Administrator, QFL OG
  • daw00d – Referee
  • konfuzed – Server Administrator, Referee
  • ibn – Referee
  • Lampyre – Referee, NA TDM Community Lead