We hope everyone had a nice holiday break and a great New Year! In anticipation of the CTF 2024 event, we’re thrilled to announce some fantastic updates. We’ll jump right into it:

New Website Launch: We’ve launched a revamped website for 2024. It’s been modernized, making league data accessible: players, teams, schedules, and more, now in one user-friendly, mobile-responsive hub. Plus, chat with us on Discord directly from the site—no login needed! https://www.quakectf.com/

Welcoming New Staff: Let’s give a warm welcome to Ibn, Konfuzed, Lampyre, and Daw00d! I’m excited to work alongside them in 2024 as part of the QFL team. If you’re up for improving your timing and map/item control skills, join Lampyre’s TDM Discord if you haven’t already: https://discord.gg/ytyaeH3dQk.

Volunteers Needed: We are actively seeking volunteers for key roles in the tournament:

  1. Graphics, Social Media, Livestreamers: Help with promotional design, branding, and social media. Stream matches Wed-Sun, 8-11 PM EST. Experience welcomed!
  2. Draft Captains: 6 more captains needed to pick teams. No expertise required, just an understanding of player skills. If we lack enough captains, teams will be pre-made by staff using available player data.
  3. Tutorials: Share your expertise in CTF for new players joining our community. Reach out to contribute!

Current Captains: over dutra adz Moody

Current Signups: https://www.quakectf.com/players/
We have 54 confirmed participants for the tournament, with a hard cap at 60. No more signups once we reach capacity, unless there are dropouts before the event:

Unconfirmed Signups: WinD, Bile, ShaZe, alterik, goodvibesgamer, flame, billyruss, deadly
These 8 players have not confirmed their participation and are not among the 54 confirmed

CTF 2024 Tournament Ruleset Highlights

  • Tournament: 4 weeks of Swiss, then a 4-week Single Elim Bracket, completing in 8 weeks.
  • Third map challenger: for teams willing to take risks to gain a significant advantage over their opponents.
  • Matches defaulted on Chicago, unless no other options are available, or an alternative location is mutually agreed upon otherwise.
  • Matches scheduled between Wednesday and Sunday, from 8 PM to 11 PM EST.
  • Playoff Map Pool: Ironworks, Infinity, Spider Crossings, Noir, Cold Cathode, Antacid, Gospel Crossings
    – During the season stage, teams may choose any map not listed as banned that aligns with their playstyle.

Tournament Rules: https://www.quakectf.com/rules

Important Dates: Mark your calendars for Sun, January 21 at 9 PM ET—Draft Night. Tournament will start the Wednesday. It’s mandatory for all participants to review the rules before then.

CTF 2024 Draft Player Index: We understand that these events are a commitment, not only for our organizers but for our participants as well. Our team is working diligently behind the scenes to develop an objective resource for our draft captains to minimize those risks and avoid past tournament issues for our volunteers and players.

Upcoming Plans

Supporting the League: Months ago, I pledged $500 to the event winners. To boost support, we have shifted to Ko-fi for donations. Visit https://www.quakectf.com/donate to contribute. All one-time donations made during CTF 2024 will add to the $500 prize pool.

Signups Deadline: Hurry! Signups close on January 20. Draft picks follow immediately after. Act fast as only 6 spots remain for the 60-participant cap—signup now! https://www.quakectf.com/signup/

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