qfl tampa 2024

june 07-09, 2024

Holiday Inn St. Petersburg N – Clearwater – Clearwater, Florida


cTF 2024 4v4 Draft Tournament

Jan 24, 2024 – Mar 17, 2024

A fantastic opportunity for players of all backgrounds and skill levels to compete in a Capture the Flag QUAKELIVE tournament. Anyone is welcome regardless of skill, experience or region. However, time and server preference will be given to North American players.

  • Location: Online
  • Format: Swiss > Single Elimination
  • Prize Pool: $500
  • Mode: Capture the Flag
  • Duration: 4-8 Weeks (1-2 months)
  • Registration Deadline: 2024-01-20
  • Start Date: 2024-01-24
  • Maps: Ironworks, Infinity, Spider Crossings, Noir, Cold Cathode, Antacid, Gospel Crossings
*Registration does not guarantee participation. Must idle in QFL discord server & meet eligibility requirements to participate in this event.

Instagib CTF 4v4 Draft Tournament

Location: Online
Format: Double Elimination
Prize Pool: $318 USD
Mode: Instagib CTF
Dates: 2023-07-24 to 2023-09-07 (~1.5months)
Teams: 8


1st Place: b00st (Willzam)
2nd Place: Ultraviolent (Prong)
3rd Place: No Show (bubbly)

Freeze Tag 4v4 Draft Tournament

Location: Online
Format: Swiss > Upper/Lower Single Elimination Bracket
Prize Pool: $970 USD
Mode: Freeze Tag
Dates: 2023-01-23 to 2023-03-05 (~1.5months)
Teams: 12


iCTF 2023 2v2

CTF 2021 4v4

TDM 2021 4v4

iCTF 2021 4v4

League updates

Round 2 Begins Now

@CTF 2024 Draft Players Round 1 has now concluded and the tournament bracket and standings have been updated: https://play.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/7412765784140578816/stages/7412779855123177472/groups/7470063918007025664/#structure Congratulations to @OnlyHands @Team prophecy @Team bubbly @Flaming Flaguettes and @Team BrokenSymmetry for sharing 1st place in this week’s standings! If…


The Feb 3rd 12am EST deadline to sign up for our inaugural February Duel Cup is fast approaching. Reminder: This event is open to all skill levels. We are currently at 18 confirmed participants. 2 more signups and we will…

New QFL Website

We hope everyone had a nice holiday break and a great New Year! In anticipation of the CTF 2024 event, we’re thrilled to announce some fantastic updates. We’ll jump right into it: New Website Launch: We’ve launched a revamped website…